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Monday, December 1, 2008

Hypnotherapy CD Recordings

Many Hypnotherapy CD's/mp.3's are Available
Weight Management
Stress Management and Relaxation
Smoking Cessation
Exercise Motivation

Pain ManagementAffirmations for Women/Self Esteem BoostingAffirmations for Men/Self Esteem Building
Living in Abundance
(The Law of Attraction)
Creative Painting and Drawing
Deep Healing Sleep
New CD's Coming Soon
Discovering Your Inner Guides

Better Biking
All CD's are $18.00
including shipping and handling
Send request for CD and check or money order to:
Grand Traverse Hypnotherapy
812 S. Garfield Ave, Suite 812A
Traverse City, MI 49686
Practice self hypnosis at home. Easily, by using Hypnotherapy CD's.
These Cd's are recorded in mp.3 format and will easily load onto ipod and other mp.3 players.
Simply use the CD/mp.3 recordings 1 - 3 times per day for 30 days and the positive affirmations and healthful suggestions will take place, changing your life in new and positive ways, simply and easily.
(Not to be used while driving)
Weight Management: Easily and without a specific diet change your desire from fattening foods to eating small amounts of healthy foods with appetite satisfaction.
Stress Management and Relaxation: Reduce the stress in your life. Put yourself back in control of your level of relaxation. Become the calm and relaxed person you want to be right now.
Smoking Cessation: Quit smoking without the side effects of drugs and prescriptions. Quit smoking permanently, with the pleasant relaxation of self hypnosis. This recording will assist you in being calm, relaxed and less prone to anxiety, while stopping your desire to smoke.
Exercise Motivation: You will want to exercise. You will be motivated to exercise on a regular consistent basis, and LIKE it. And Enjoy it!
Pain Management: Effectively Change the way your body perceives the pain sensation. Heal and feel better. Put yourself in control of your level of pain sensation.
Affirmations for Women: Building Self Esteem for Women with positive thoughts. Focus on goals, roles and aspirations in relaxing and positive ways.
Affirmations for Men: Building Self Esteem for Men with positive thoughts. Focus on goals, roles and aspirations in relaxing and positive ways.
Living in Abundance: Promote abundance in your life for all the things you desire: love, money, warmth... all you need and desire, easily and effortlessly flowing to you in accordance with the Law of Attraction. Manifest wealth and abundance in your everyday life.
Creative painting and Drawing: Motivate yourself and reaffirm your artistic commitment to your art on a daily basis. Strong motivation to promote your creative instincts for painting and drawing. Make this important commitment to your artistic self.
Deep Healing Restful Sleep: Enjoy deep, healing, restful sleep, every night. Many achieve this with just one use or with one hypnotherapy session. Get the deep sleep and rest you need tonight.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Harvard Study 0n Hypnosis & Healing

Harvard Study on Hypnosis & Healing

The Harvard Gazette had an article regarding the use of hypnosis to help surgical wounds mend faster. A portion of the article is below. The whole article can be found at

Marie McBrown was invited to test whether or not hypnosis would help heal the scars from her breast surgery. Marie (not her real name) and 17 other women underwent surgery to reduce their breast size.
It's a common operation for women whose breasts are large enough to cause back and shoulder strain, interfere with routine tasks, or prompt social and psychological problems. The pain and course of healing from such surgery is well-known, and a team of researchers headed by Carol Ginandes of Harvard Medical School and Patricia Brooks of the Union Institute in Cincinnati wanted to determine if hypnosis could speed wound healing and recovery.
"Hypnosis has been used in Western medicine for more than 150 years to treat everything from anxiety to pain, from easing the nausea of cancer chemotherapy to enhancing sports performance," Ginandes says.
A list of applications she provides includes treatment of phobias, panic, low self-esteem, insomnia, sexual dysfunction, stress, smoking, colitis, warts, headaches, and high blood pressure.

"All these functional uses may help a person feel better," Ginandes continues. "I am also interested in using hypnosis to help people get better physically. That means using the mind to make structural changes in the body, to accelerate healing at the tissue level."
Four years ago, Ginandes and Daniel Rosenthal, professor of radiology at the Harvard Medical School, published a report on their study of hypnosis to speed up the mending of broken bones. They recruited 12 people with broken ankles who did not require surgery and who received the usual treatment at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. In addition, Ginandes hypnotized half of them once a week for 12 weeks, while the other half received only normal treatment. The same doctor applied the casts and other care, and the same radiologists took regular X-rays to monitor how well they healed. A radiologist who evaluated the X-rays did not know which patients underwent hypnosis.The result stood out like a sore ankle.

Those who were hypnotized healed faster

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Weight Loss Made Easy with Hypnosis

Dieting is not always the best alternative for those who want to lose weight. I can offer a healthier alternative.

We all know that diets fail because they are not realistic, convenient and manageable. Hypnotherapy offers the solution. It is not a diet. Hypnotherapy effects lifestyle and changes in habit.

Hypnotherapy is direct communication between your conscious mind (the part that tells you that you want to be slim and fit) and your subconscious mind (the part that likes to sabotage your healthy eating habits because it has another agenda regarding chocolate cookies and ice cream). Hypnotherapy calms the battle. Hypnotherapy gets your subconscious mind and conscious mind to agree to the same healthy eating habits. It changes your living and eating habits from now on. Because hypnotherapy does this through a very relaxing process, it is easy, comfortable, effective and sustainable.

You become who you think you are. You become healthier, fitter, and trimmer. You eat healthy foods because your subconscious mind believes in it. You are more motivated to exercise because your subconscious mind believes it. With hypnotherapy you make positive lasting changes to your lifestyle from now forward.

Amelia Hasenohrl, MA, LPC, CHt.
Certified Hypnotherapist
Licensed Professional Counselor