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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Hypnotic Approaches for Chronic Pain Management

Hypnosis for Pain Management - Clinical Implications of Recent Research Findings

"The empirical support for hypnosis for chronic pain management has flourished over the past two decades. Clinical trials show that hypnosis is effective for reducing chronic pain, although outcomes may vary between individuals.

The findings from these clinical trials also show that hypnotic treatments have a number of positive effects beyond pain control. Neurophysiological studies reveal that hypnotic analgesia has clear effects on brain and spinal-cord functioning that differ as a function of the specific hypnotic suggestions made, providing further evidence for the specific effects of hypnosis.

The research results have important implications for how clinicians can help their clients experience maximum benefits from hypnosis and treatments that include hypnotic components."

- Mark P. Jensen and David R. Patterson, University of Washington
February - March 2014 American Psychologist
2014 American Psychological Association

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

What are we saying to Ourselves?

Positive Self Talk: We all talk to ourselves. It's How we talk to ourselves that makes the difference in our Happiness and Success. See this Psychology Today Article:
The Voice of Reason

 Everyone engages in self-talk. But much depends on the way we do it. Scientists now find that the right words can free us from our fears and make us as wise about ourselves as we often are about others.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Basketball Experiment

Remember the experiment with the students and the basketball. Several years ago a 30-day study was performed to see the effect of mental imagery in relation to actual performance. Thirty students were divided into three groups. All were tested as to their ability to get a basketball into the net from the free throw line. Group 1 was sent home and told not to practice basketball or even think about it for the next 30 days. Group 2 was asked to come into the gym and practice shooting baskets for one hour every day for the next 30 days. Group 3 was told to mentally visualize throwing basketballs into the net for one hour a day for the same 30 days. The results were amazing. Group one as you would expect had no change in their ability to get the ball into the basket. Group two demonstrated a 24% increase in their ability to shoot balls into the basket. Group three, the mental imageries, increased their abilities by 23%!

As Napoleon Hill and others before and since have said - "Whatever the mind can conceive, the heart believe, the hand will achieve".
Apply this to Your Sport.              Hypnotherapy for Sports Performance.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Perfect Yoga Pose for Relaxation and Anti-Anxiety

Magarasana:  Crocodile

The Perfect yoga pose for retraining your body to Relaxation Breathing Naturally.

Breathing normally and naturally is Very important to your level of relaxation and calmness; very important to your overall health.

When we breathe high in the chest area, we are not getting a full natural breath. Even if you breathe faster or slower, if you are breathing high in your chest (your upper chest, ribs and shoulders are moving when you breathe) you are not getting enough air. This will contribute to your stress, anxiety and fear level.

Normal Natural breath is a Diaphragmatic Breath or a Relaxation Breath, as I like to call it. This breath originates from the diaphragm muscle, which is located  across the body below the lungs. When you are breathing normally your stomach area below the rib cage and above the navel will rise and fall. The Diaphragmatic Breathe originates here.

For example, when you watch a toddler running around in their diaper, you will notice that their nice round little belly is easily and freely moving in and out. You do not see their upper chest, ribs and shoulders heaving up and down, right?
This is because they haven't yet experienced any trauma or drama in their lives. Observe this phenomenon the next chance you get.

Some people have been breathing so long in a "Fight, Flight or Freeze" breathe that they have difficulty getting back to a normal breath. For those people there is a simple exercise:
The Crocodile

This is a simple Relaxing yoga pose that anyone can do.

1.    First lay on your belly on the floor.  Put your legs about a few feet apart. Drop your heels inward,                     or move your legs to what is a comfortable position for you.

2.    Next put you arms in front of you, so that your upper chest is off the ground and hold onto your elbows, making a square with your arms. Rest your forehead on you top arm. Close your eyes and Relax, Breathe.

3.Notice that you feel only your legs, hips and lower abdomen on the floor.

This position provides a gentle compression to your lower stomach and abdomen that provides you with physical feedback on your diaphragmatic breathing. It helps you learn to do this correctly.

The gentle compression is very soothing and comforting. Slow and deepen your breathing.

This is a beautiful yoga pose for Self Calming and Restoring Natural Relaxed breathing. It is helpful for headache relief and calming digestion.

Strongly recommended for the treatment of Stress and Anxiety.

Amelia Hasenohrl, LPC, CHt.                  April 7, 2016

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Stop Smoking this Year Be a Nonsmoker

You have wanted to Be a NoNsmoker. You may have tried all of the gums, prescriptions, patches, e-cigs, etc. that are out there, but they didn't  help.

You are the kind of person that Hypnosis Can help. Many of my patients have tried these alternatives and not been successful, only to find success was easy and pleasant with hypnosis.

My program is 4 sessions, an initial 1.5 hour session to start and then 3 - 1 hour follow up sessions. I have a 92% success rate for patients completing the 4 sessions. You will be supported. You will feel comfortable and relaxed, urges for cigarettes will melt away. Weight gain is unnecessary with hypnosis.

Breathe Easy. Be a Successful NoNsmoker Now.