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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Weight Loss Made Easy with Hypnosis

Dieting is not always the best alternative for those who want to lose weight. I can offer a healthier alternative.

We all know that diets fail because they are not realistic, convenient and manageable. Hypnotherapy offers the solution. It is not a diet. Hypnotherapy effects lifestyle and changes in habit.

Hypnotherapy is direct communication between your conscious mind (the part that tells you that you want to be slim and fit) and your subconscious mind (the part that likes to sabotage your healthy eating habits because it has another agenda regarding chocolate cookies and ice cream). Hypnotherapy calms the battle. Hypnotherapy gets your subconscious mind and conscious mind to agree to the same healthy eating habits. It changes your living and eating habits from now on. Because hypnotherapy does this through a very relaxing process, it is easy, comfortable, effective and sustainable.

You become who you think you are. You become healthier, fitter, and trimmer. You eat healthy foods because your subconscious mind believes in it. You are more motivated to exercise because your subconscious mind believes it. With hypnotherapy you make positive lasting changes to your lifestyle from now forward.

Amelia Hasenohrl, MA, LPC, CHt.
Certified Hypnotherapist
Licensed Professional Counselor

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