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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Holiday Thoughts

Holidays can bring personal challenges:

One year, when I was a child, my father got drunk and violent at Christmas. I had just unwrapped a present, a bottle of hand lotion, when he exploded in an alcoholic rage. Our Christmas was disrupted. It was terrible. It was frightening for the whole family. Now, thirty-five years later, whenever I smell hand lotion, I immediately feel all the feelings I did that Christmas
There are many positive triggers that remind us of Christmas: snow, decorations, “Silent Night,” “Jingle Bells,” wrapped packages, a nativity scene, stockings hung on a fireplace. These “triggers” can evoke in us the warm, nostalgic feelings of the Christmas celebration.
There are other kinds of triggers, though, that may be less apparent and evoke different feelings and memories.
Our mind is like a powerful computer. It links sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste with feelings, thoughts, and memories. It links our senses—and we remember.
Sometimes the smallest, most innocuous incident can trigger memories. Not all our memories are pleasant, especially if we grew up in an alcoholic, dysfunctional setting.
We may not understand why we suddenly feel afraid, depressed, anxious. We may not understand what has triggered our codependent coping behaviors—the low self-worth, the need to control, the need to neglect ourselves. When that happens, we need to understand that some innocuous event may be triggering memories recorded deep within us.
If something, even something we don’t understand, triggers painful memories, we can pull ourselves back into the present by self-care: acknowledging our feelings, detaching, working the Steps, and affirming ourselves. We can take action to feel good. We can help ourselves feel better each Christmas. No matter what the past held, we can put it in perspective, and create a more pleasant holiday today.
Today, I will gently work through my memories of this holiday season. I will accept my feelings, even if I consider them different than what others are feeling this holiday. God, help me let go, heal from, and release the painful memories surrounding the holidays. Help me finish my business from the past, so I can create the holiday of my choice.

Quoted from the book Language of Letting Go by Melody Beattie.
Find recovery resources at Hazelden.

Whatever memories may haunt you, hypnosis can help heal.
Remember it's never too late to have the best childhood ever.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Combat Veterans Anonymous

Combat Veterans Anonymous 
A fellowship of men and women who have the after-effects of war in our lives.

Meeting Weekly every Thursday @ 7 PM @ 5th and Oak St. Traverse City, MI
                                                               (The Friends Meeting House)

We share our experience, strength, and hope with each other in order to deal more effectively with the after-effects of war in our lives.

The only requirement for membership is a sincere desire to make life better for ourselves and others.

We do not with to blame or compare experiences, but rather to understand how our experiences of war have impacted ourselves and others. WE thereby become free to heal, and accept full responsibility for our own lives today.

We are a self-supporting group through our own contributions. We are not allied with any sect, denomination, or institution, including the VA or any other veterans organization. We do not engage in any controversy nor endorse any cause.

Our primary purpose is to learn to deal with the effects of war on our own lives, and to help the veteran who may still be suffering.

Friday, August 29, 2014

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is an educational communication that flows from your conscious mind to your unconscious mind and allows them both to believe the same message.

This is valuable communication, because in order to attain our goals, our conscious and unconscious mind must agree. For instance, if consciously you are saying to yourself, "I want to lose 30 lbs.", and your subconscious is saying, "I like this extra padding, it keeps people from approaching me and I feel less vulnerable and threatened", you are going to hang on to that weight, or you may lose it for a while and gain it right back. Your subconscious must be in agreement with your conscious desires and goals to be successful.

How is Hypnotherapy different from Hypnosis ? They are one and the same. They are interchangeable terms. However, I use Hypnotherapy because I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and utilize my counseling skills when I work with my clients to help solve their difficulties and reach their goals.
Hypnosis is a very quick, easy and effective counseling tool.  It helps my clients reach their goals faster, with less struggle. It reinforces their strengths and assists them to focus on Positive Thoughts.

What about Stage Hypnosis? Stage hypnosis is the most common impression of hypnosis. This is the entertainment where a Hypnotist leads people into doing things on stage such as clucking like a chicken, or dancing, etc. Keep in mind that these people volunteer for this and they secretly want to be on stage, and perform for the audience. You have to be willing to be hypnotized. You cannot be hypnotized against your will.

Hypnosis takes you to the same level of relaxation and focus as does deep Meditation. You are in the same brain wave length when in deep meditation as when you are in Hypnosis. Both are deeply relaxing and pleasant. Hypnotherapy utilizes this relaxation state to focus and commit your mind more deeply to your goals by means of positive suggestions. You are always in control when you are in hypnosis. Hypnosis does not change your morals, ethics, or religious beliefs, only the ideas you are wanting to change such as being a Nonsmoker, getting rid of a bad habit, finding and appreciating  your strengths, letting go of unwanted pounds, feeling more confident in your abilities, etc.

It is a Healthy and relaxing experience that you are participating in for your own Self Improvement.

What Does Hypnotherapy Feel Like?

When you are in Hypnosis, you feel very, very relaxed, as relaxed as when you are asleep, only you are still awake. You are always in control, and aware of your surroundings if you care to be.
Hypnosis can feel like deep meditation, daydreaming, and how you feel just before you fall asleep.

All of these states of mind are similar to what is experienced in hypnosis.We have all experienced daydreaming. When we are daydreaming, we are deeply involved in the scenery of our daydream and although we are aware of our surroundings, being in a classroom for instance, we are choosing not to attend to the classroom around us during our daydreaming experience.

What is Trance or “under” Hypnosis ? Trance is that daydream-like state that is induced in hypnosis. It feels very pleasant, carefree and deeply restful. Being in hypnosis trance is relaxing and refreshing, like a great afternoon nap. Being “under” hypnosis, or going “under” hypnosis is the same as being “in” hypnosis or hypnotic trance state. The term “under” is not readily used now because it gives the idea that you are “under” someone else’s control. As you recall, you cannot be hypnotized unless you want to be hypnotized, so you are never “under” someone else’s control, you are as in control as you choose to be when practicing hypnosis.

Hypnsis takes your mind to the same level of relaxation as you would attain practicing deep meditation, and all of the benefits.

Hypnosis is a very natural, pleasant, safe and effective tool for self improvement, self empowerment, controlling your level of relaxation and effectively reaching the goals you desire.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hypnosis Always the Easiest, Safest, and most pleasant way to give up the bad habit and Be Smoke Free!

Giving Up Smoking: The New Way to Get 'Rich' Quick?

If you smoke, you're going to be well aware of the health benefits of quitting, but are you fully aware of the difference that giving up smoking can make to your finances?
Cigarette Stubbed Out
Don't underestimate the financial benefit of giving up cigarettes; quitting smoking will save you money, and lots of it!
If you're struggling to find the motivation to stop, then looking at the amount of money you could save should really help.
If you needed any more convincing just look at the science - recent research has shown that your chance of successfully changing a health-related behaviour increases by 50% if there's a financial reward at the end of it.
Apply this logic to smoking and simply putting a price on quitting should help you quit for good.
The good news is that you don't have to go through it alone; there are plenty of places you can go for free support, and the products that make it easier to stop smoking aren't expensive either.

How much will you save on cigarettes:

Monday, August 11, 2014

Grand Traverse Hypnotherapy and Counseling

participates in Give An Hour

Providing counseling support services to ALL war veterans and their families.PTSD

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Are You Overwelmed?

How Physical Sensations Can Lead You Back to Mind and Body Ease

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Meditation and Hypnosis

Meditation is a wonderful thing and quite like the experience of hypnosis.

Jon Kabat - Zinn, Ph.D., neuro-scientist, University of Massachusett Medical School found meditation shifts brain activity from the right frontal cortex, which is more active when a person experiences stress, to the left frontal cortex, which is more active when a person is calm. This shift decreases the negative effects of stress and mild depression and anxiety.

Dr. Adrian White, University of Exeter, showed people who meditate have increased electrical activity in the frontal cortex, which indicates they are experiencing lower anxiety and a more positive mentall state. Meditation also reduces activity in the amygdala where the brain produces fear.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Stop Smoking Success !

Hello Amelia,

I wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you, as it has now been a year and a half since I have had a cigarette!  Before setting up our first appointment, I thought the cost of your treatment was a lot of money.  Well, I'm proud to say that the treatment paid for itself in the first TWO MONTHS I quit buying a pack of cigarettes a day!  I have been around smokers while they're having a cigarette, I drive all over the state on a regular basis (used to smoke in my car), even when having a drinks, and still have not had a single urge!  I know this may not be the case with some folks, as it may take a few of the sessions, but I smoked for close to 20 years and it truly is amazing to me how I feel like I was never a smoker.

Thank you so much!

Brian Irwin
Traverse City, MI

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Fear of the Dentist: How Hypnosis Can Make It Better

Fear of the Dentist: How Hypnosis can make it better.

Do you have a Fear of the Dentist? 

I did. In the past all I needed to do was walk in and sit in the dentist chair and I would break out in a full body sweat. I would involuntarily grip the arm rests of the chair with my fingernails.

Now I walk in sit down and relax for the next hour. I utilize the simple calming techniques I utilize in the Hypnotherapy I practice. When I have a procedure: teeth cleaning, crown, etc. I utilize one of my hypnosis recordings to relax further, while cooperating with the dentist and dental procedure. My experience is much more pleasant and relaxing. The procedure seems to fly by. The crown was and hour and forty minutes, with use of the recording I thought I was in the chair just forty minutes. It was more relaxing than a cleaning.

Still need convincing? Check out these two videos on dental hypnosis:

Dentist and Hypnotherapist Dr. David Grayson discusses dentistry and hypnosis on the Cablevision TV program "To Your Health" with Dr. Derrick DeSilva. Published on Jun 28, 2012

Scaling and root planing procedure with hypnosis as analgesia