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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Be A Non Smoker with Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a fast easy way of stopping smoking without the use of chemicals, prescription durgs or patches. Many people stop completely after the first session. You can too. Stop smoking permanently for the same price you spend on cigarettes for the month, you could be completely smoke free.

The Success Rate:

  • 6% Will power alone
  • 10% Nicotene Replacement therapy (Patches)
  • 24% Aversion (negative stimulus) therapy
  • 29% Excercise and breathing
  • 30% Hypnotherapy CD/tapes with suggestions
  • 60% Single Session Hypnotherapy

Become a clean air breather in 4 sessions:

Session One: Outlining your personal goals, identifying your smoking habits and changing them, first hypnotherapy session, recieve your CD for self practice and reinforcement at home.

Session Two, Three & Four: Reinforcement, follow up of progress and customizing your program to address all your areas of concern.

It's a personal program to address your personal needs. Call and schedule today 231-590-7759

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