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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Many Ways of Healing© by Okka

What if there were as many different approaches to healing and well-being as there are roads leading to Rome, and yet all healing would be self-healing?

Let us for a moment, think about health as a state of balance and illness or disease as a state of imbalance. And let us further assume that our body is capable of maintaining a state of balance. And even when we feel sick or are challenged with a disease, even then most of our billions and billions of cells are functioning properly and healthy. Our body somehow knows how to maintain a balance while constantly and simultaneously millions of inter- and intracellular processes take place. The simple fact that tears cried due to happiness have quite a different chemical consistence than tears cried from pain or grief shows us how amazingly differentiated our bodily responses are and how much inner wisdom our body has. And it is ours to access.

Now, when health is a state of balance and disease is a state of imbalance, and then healing is the process of re-turning to a balanced state. This means the body is working to re-establish harmony while using all available sources to reach this goal. Would it therefore be appropriate - and in a sense, be respectful toward ourselves, to see all healing as self-healing?

What would it be like when we were to change our point of view and intentionally utilize the healing powers within; while using the various forms of treatments and approaches as possibilities to assist us on the road of self-healing?

Through a study done by the Institute of Heart Math it was discovered that the DNA changes it shape according to feelings felt by the researchers. When gratitude, love, and appreciation were felt, the DNA responded by relaxing, the strands unwound and the DNA became longer. When the researchers felt anger, fear, frustration, or stress, the DNA responded by tightening up, becoming shorter and even switching off some of the DNA codes. This effect was reversed and the codes were switched on again when feelings of love, joy, and appreciation were felt by the researchers.

What have these results to do with healing and self-healing? Each cell in our body has a strand of DNA, within which - among many other things - the information of a healthy, properly functioning cell is located. And since we are in charge of what to think or feel, we can support our healing process by learning to relax - regardless of the environment - and use all our senses and abilities to envision and feel the perfect outcome.

By: Okka Holthuis /

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