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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Multi Tasking and Concentration

Most of us attempt to multi task to get things done more quickly throughout out day.
The truth is we are not multitasking. The brain is most capable of focusing on one thing at a time and doing it well. When we think we are multi tasking, we are really just rapidly shifting focus back and forth between two tasks, or attending to one task and barely attending to a second one. The result is we have two things done with less than good effort, almost always with errors and poor quality.

It is best to assess what you wish to accomplish first. Prioritize activities and tasks. Then focus on one at a time. You will get just as much done or more, with a better quality outcome and good attention to detail. Your focus and concentration will be better. You will feel more calm and centered.

It is good to remind yourself: "There is always enough time for everything I need to do". If you answer this statement with a 'no there isn't', then you need to take control and prioritize your activities. What is more important to accomplish today? What is reasonable to accomplish in the time I have. Let the less important thing go.

People often tell me, "I dont't have enough time to excercise, but I want to." If excercise is important to you, find out how much time you want to spend excercising. Ask yourself how important is this in my day? For example, is it more important than doing the dishes. If so move it up your list of priorities for the day. Make it a priority. Another tip: find out what kind of excercise you LIKE to do. Ignore what anyone elso thinks you should do. If you do what you like in excercise it will easily become your priority and you will do it.

Remember, use the postivie affirmation: "There is always enough time. There is always enough time for everything I want to do."

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