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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Recharging Your Battery

When your feeling low energy, run down, listless, or just plain blah...
Here are some things to do to get recharged:

1. Take a non-purposeful walk in nature. Not for the sole purpose of exercise, but a walk just for entertainment. Notice nature while you walk. Notice squirrels, birds, your neighbors gardens and homes. Relax while you walk. walking is very soothing to the mind and body. It naturally induces a meditative state, soothing even sore muscles and tight backs and shoulders. Fresh air is rejuvinating as well.

2. Notice feelings. Are you unhappy? Is there something in your life that is not a good fit? Is it time to change that? Write those feelings down on paper and explore them. Sometimes this helps in defining the core of the unhappiness. Then take a new page and write down ideally how you want that job, person, daily life to be. Only write "what you do want". Write only the postives.

3. Take yourself on a one day holiday, "Me Day". Call in sick to work. Take yourself out to breakfast or lunch, read the newspaper lesuirely and watch the other people go off to work. Take yourself to a movie. Take a leisurely bubble bath. Do what you want to do for a day. Taking a "Me Day" often has the positive benefit of heading off a cold or illness that will then force you to take one to several days off work when you're feeling run down.

4. Always focus on the positive. Happiness is a choice. Focus on the first postive thing you think of, (I saw a Robin on my lawn today), and build from there. We are what we think about most of the time. Focusing on postive thoughts increases the seratonin and endorphins in our system and elevates out mood naturally. We feel better when we think better.


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