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Monday, August 19, 2013

Positive Self Talk
What Do You Say When You Talk to Yourself?

Positive Self Talk is the number ONE way to Self Improvement, with a minimum investment in time, and the convenience of always being available for you to utilize.

Negative Self Talk does nothing. That's it. Nothing. It doesn't make you feel good. It doesn't make you try harder. It doesn't motivate you. It doesn't make you do better next time. It probably reinforces negativity in you life even more.

Positive Self Talk makes you feel better. It releases the natural feel good chemical Serotonin into your blood stream. It Motivates you. It makes you work harder. It makes you Do better next time. It improves your performance in anything you are working on.
It gives you a positive outlook and improves your life satisfaction immensely.

How do we formulate Positive Self Talk Statement?

1.    Always make the statement in a Positive form.

Example: I always eat small portions of Healthy foods.
versus: I don't eat cake.

Try this... "Don't think about the Peach."

What are you thinking about?  ...  the Peach. Right?
        Your subconscious mind does not do negatives. Put all statement in positive terms.

2. Alway put statements in the first person.

Example: I will,  I am,  I do,  My life is,

3. Always in the present tense, as if the goal is already accomplished.

Example: I always eat healthy.  I sleep straight through the might.
I always make the hills on my bike.

"Try not. Do or do not, there is no try."

-- Yoda

Try means = NEVER

Avoid words: Try, would, Could, should, Not, don't.

For example while biking if I say, "I'm going to try to make that hill." Will I make the hill?
No, I will not. I'm only kidding myself. However, after much experimentation, if I tell myself, "I make all the hills. I aways make the hills." I do make the hill, every time.
In fact I have now added, "All hills are doable." A new experience for me.

If you want to super-charge your positive self talk add the word "Love" to your positive affirmation. For Instance: "I love hill climbing, I love the hills."  Even after 100 miles, 10,000 feet of climbing, and "the wall", I was still climbing very comfortably.
I love the hills.

Examples of Positive Self Talk:

Everyone wants to buy what I am selling today.
I always make this putt. I am a perfect putter, I make all my putts.
I weigh 125 lbs. I always eat small portions of healthy foods.
I am a great presenter. I enjoy presenting. I am calm and relaxed when I present.

How do we Change negative self talk into Positive Self Talk?

Pick out 2 to 4positive self talk statements that are your goals. Repeat them to yourself.
Notice negative self talk, change the statement 180 degrees and turn it into a positive statement. Repeat it 3 times either out loud or to yourself, whenever it occurs. The negative statement will go away, the positive statement will replace it. 

Best Times to Use Positive Self Talk:

Right before you fall asleep.
Right when you open your eyes in the morning.
This is the time when your sub conscious mind is most accessible, most open to suggestion.

Positive Self Talk

The easiest way to improve yourself and your life, as you live it.
Positive Self Talk is the most portable, easy to use, self improvement tool there is.
It is always with you wherever you go. You do not need to take even 20 minutes out of your day to use it. You can use it on the fly. You get the benefits and positive effects of it immediately with use. And you feel good while doing it.

Happy thoughts!  


victor Tsan said...

it is true after building a positive self confidence a person can achieve any goal. He can easily loose his weight by develop self confidence.
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Amelia Hasenohrl, LPC, CHt. said...

Hi Victor:
Raising your Self Esteem always helps in focusing on your goals and promoting motivation to your goal.
When I set a goal, I practice Positive Self Talk to achieve it. I simply do not allow any negative thoughts to reside in my mind about my goal. Even if it is said to me by someone else, I block it with positive self talk statements.
I have won bike races that I have come in 2nd and 3rd place for years, simply because I focused on being the winner, 1st place for me. so short answer, YES hypnosis and building positive self esteem works in achieving real goals. - Amelia Hasenohrl, LPC, CHt.

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