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Friday, August 29, 2014

What Does Hypnotherapy Feel Like?

When you are in Hypnosis, you feel very, very relaxed, as relaxed as when you are asleep, only you are still awake. You are always in control, and aware of your surroundings if you care to be.
Hypnosis can feel like deep meditation, daydreaming, and how you feel just before you fall asleep.

All of these states of mind are similar to what is experienced in hypnosis.We have all experienced daydreaming. When we are daydreaming, we are deeply involved in the scenery of our daydream and although we are aware of our surroundings, being in a classroom for instance, we are choosing not to attend to the classroom around us during our daydreaming experience.

What is Trance or “under” Hypnosis ? Trance is that daydream-like state that is induced in hypnosis. It feels very pleasant, carefree and deeply restful. Being in hypnosis trance is relaxing and refreshing, like a great afternoon nap. Being “under” hypnosis, or going “under” hypnosis is the same as being “in” hypnosis or hypnotic trance state. The term “under” is not readily used now because it gives the idea that you are “under” someone else’s control. As you recall, you cannot be hypnotized unless you want to be hypnotized, so you are never “under” someone else’s control, you are as in control as you choose to be when practicing hypnosis.

Hypnsis takes your mind to the same level of relaxation as you would attain practicing deep meditation, and all of the benefits.

Hypnosis is a very natural, pleasant, safe and effective tool for self improvement, self empowerment, controlling your level of relaxation and effectively reaching the goals you desire.


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