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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Being Mindful with Anger

Excellent New York Times article on Minfulness and Anger. Hypnosis can be an easier way to the same destination as deep meditation. Hypnosis is excellent for Anger management, stress, anxiety and PTSD. Diaphragmatic Breathing, Deep Belly Breathing is essential in emotional mindfulness and getting control of anger feelings. We can be mindful enough to make choices about our behaviors and verbal responses to anger feelings. Anger can be expressed in proactive and beneficial ways, through Assertive Communication for instance. These things can be learned easily and quickly. Hypnosis is Healthy, Natural, and Relaxing.

Anger can be a natural, life-affirming emotion, if you let it be.

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Georgina Mitchell Hypfocus Therapies said...

Great Share, I agree Hypnotherapy can be a fast track to the results achieved by mindfulness. I recommend a daily practice of self hypnosis/mindfulness to all of my clients.